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Are you searching for a fundraiser appealing to a broad cross section of people? Maybe you want to preserve treasured family recipes for the next generation to enjoy.  Perhaps the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in you and publishing your own cookbook is your desire.

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Cookbooks are and always have been popular.  If designed correctly, a cookbook has the potential to put you or your group into the view of thousands of people.  Every time it is used, your name, message, or products are seen.

Cook book companies specialize in helping you successfully publish professional quality custom cookbooks.  Take a look at some of the options you have when making your cookbook.

  • There are websites to guide you through the creation of a unique, personalized cookbook online. You choose your cookbook design details then enter the recipes you have collected using your personal computer.  You may also be able to choose from a selection of recipes that are stored on the cookbook companies’ online data base.
  • You may want to collect and sort your recipes and then send them to a cookbook company who will do the rest of the work for you.  They will typeset your recipes into an attractive layout and then proofread for accuracy.  You choose the cover, dividers, and any other customized options for your cookbook without having to do the tedious typesetting and formatting work.  This is my favorite way of making a cookbook. I save more time and energy by letting others do the work they specialize in and are efficient at.
  • You can also submit your cookbook in a press ready format on digital files or as a hard copy.  Press ready means that you have typeset your pages using correct margins, page sizes, and have your recipes, pictures and artwork already placed.  Your cookbook pages will look like the pages you have submitted.  If you choose this option, it is critical that your pages are prepared according to your chosen cookbook company’s specifications.  Otherwise the pages may not be useable and you will have wasted your valuable time.
  • Some cookbook companies offer a selection of ready-made cookbooks you can offer for sale for fundraising.
  • Work with your local town printing company or office supply store to see what publishing options they have available.
  • Cookbook publishing possibilities are available and convenient to access right here online, in a very fast, easy, and risk free way.

Cookbook Tips:

Cookbook costs are calculated by the number of books ordered, the number of recipes included in the book, and any additional features you selected.  Generally, the more books your print, the less the price per book is.

June to November is the busy season for cookbook companies.  Publish your book before this time to get your book completed faster.  You may even be able to reduce the cost of each book.  Watch for special deals or discount coupons offered during the non busy season

The more recipe contributors you have, the more cookbooks you will sell.  Usually every contributor will want to buy the cookbook and see their recipe in print.  If you choose ready made cookbooks and do not use local contributors, you will most likely lower the number of potential buyers.

By choosing to do some of the work yourself, you may cut your costs and speed up the cookbook production time.

Many cookbook publishing companies will keep your cookbook on file for a number of years incase you would like to reprint your book.  This helps free up your storage space.











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