Home Inspections

A home inspection is an objective, thorough visual examination of the structure, systems and operating components of a home at the time of inspection.

Once you’ve found the home that you want, it is wise to make an offer contingent on a home inspection. A home inspection conducted by an authorized inspector, will help you identify potential problems. Often these are minor and easy to fix, but sometimes there are major, expensive problems. 

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Home sellers can save time and money by having a thorough home inspection before they list their home. This will identify problems that are in need of repairs and allows you to fix them before your home is put on the market. You will then be able to show potential buyers that your home is in good condition, that you have revealed any defects and that you know the items which are in need of repair.

What can you expect from an inspection?  A trained home inspector will provide an independent opinion of the property’s condition, noting areas of concern. A typical home inspection should last between two to three hours. Be sure to be present during the inspection so you can ask questions that will assist you in learning about your future home and how to properly care for and maintain it.

A report will then be generated that reviews the condition of the home from the foundation to the roof.   The following items should be evaluated:  central air conditioning and heating systems; electrical and plumbing systems; attic, roof and insulation; ceilings, doors, floors, walls and windows; basement, foundation, and home structure. Some inspectors may also add additional inspection services for mold, radon and water.  If a problem is found, the home inspector will include a description of the problem and may recommend further evaluation.  You can proceed with your offer if the inspection results were to your satisfaction. If the inspection results were not to your satisfaction, you may negotiate with the seller by asking for a lower price, ask the seller to cover specific repairs, or withdraw your offer.

A professional home inspection is a smart choice that will assist you with one of the major investments of a lifetime.

















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