Life Insurance Tips

Life insurance does not have to cost a lot, and if you shop around online, you will find that life insurance plans can be had for very little money, considering the size of protection and generalized security that life insurance companies can provide.

Life insurance is a great product for those who have loved ones or families. Nobody likes to think much about the subject of life insurance but think about the difference of peace and happiness a good life insurance policy can make. Those without life insurance often worry about what will happen to their loves ones when the inevitable happens, but those with life insurance coverage can sleep easy at night knowing they will be protected.

Life insurance quotes are available and convenient to access right here online, in a very fast, easy and risk free way. There is no obligation to buy life insurance just by filling out one of our quick and easy to use forms so go ahead and find out just how cost effective and affordable life insurance plans can be.  If you are young you may think that life insurance is not for you, but life insurance is more than just protection if you die, so read up about life insurance and get the facts straight up so you can make an informed decision. 

Life insurance is a bit like playing the super lottery every month except that, unlike the lottery, with life insurance you can be assured that one day you will win and you can take that to the bank. Without life insurance, one day you will certainly loose.

Life insurance is a bit like a piggy bank, in that the money you pay every month to your life insurance premium is being saved up in some account, which you will be able to take back into your pockets when your family needs it most.

  • If you want insurance protection only, and not a savings and investment product, buy a term life insurance policy. 
  • If you want to buy a whole life, universal life, or other cash value policy, plan to hold it for at least 15 years. Canceling these policies after only a few years can more than double your life insurance costs.     
  • Check the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website
    ( or your local library for information on the financial soundness of insurance companies.     
  • Like anything else you buy, knowing what you're shopping for before you set out can save you time and money. When shopping for life insurance, consider these potential money saving tips.    
  • Don't underestimate your needs. Before shopping for life insurance, calculate your total needs. Buing one policy with greater death benefit at a younger age will most likely be less expensive than adding additional coverage as you get older and your financial position changes.    
  • Use an Agent. An agent can save you both time and money when shopping for life insurance. The 4insurance network works diligently with your specific insurance needs to find you the lowest rate possible. To request a quote from an agent in your area click here.   
  • Term Insurance First. Try buying term insurance for at least the first 6 months. *Note: You can convert term to permanent, but not permanent to term.     
  • Compare Costs. If you're considering the purchase of permanent life insurance, compare the costs and benefits of Whole, Universal and Variable policies to your own term plan. It may save you money!    
  • Be careful. Some taxes may or may not apply depending on your type of plan ($200,000 may not be $200,000 after you die). Also, universal and variable life do not guarantee any extra cash value.     
  • Improve your health. Quit smoking, eat healthier and exercise regularly. This will decrease your premiums and increase your life expectancy.     
  • Consider your hobbies. If you skydive, deep-sea dive or participate in any other high-risk activities, your premiums will be more expensive for obvious reasons.

















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