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What are the Best Stocks to Buy?
When an investor asks about the best stocks to buy, chances are the person is looking for ideas. My response to the question is that you can come up with the best stocks on your own. Your investing will be more rewarding if you find the best stocks yourself, rather than gambling on somebody else’s “best stocks”.

1: The Best Stocks are Stocks You Know
If you’ve never heard this advice before, now is the time: Buy what you know. The best stocks are those that you know something about and have experience with. The best stock may be the company that manufactures the car, bus, or train that you ride in. Or, the best stock may be the business that makes the toothpaste that you use each day.

In short, the best stocks for you to understand will be stocks of the companies you have experience with.

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You will understand what the business does and who its customers are.

2: The Best Stocks are Stocks With True Value
Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s time to narrow down your choices. The best stocks need happy shareholders as well as happy customers. You should make sure that a stock is attractive based on fundamental and/or technical analysis before you buy.

3: The Best Stocks are Not in Legal Trouble
It is also a good idea to check for any lawsuits or investigations in a company’s history. The best stocks belong to companies that have steered clear of trouble and earned profits through superior business performance.

4: The Best Stocks Look Good in the Future
Looking at past performance will tell you a lot. However, the best stocks are those that will perform well in the future. Make sure you think about how well the company will perform if the economic, political, or competitive landscape changes. See if you can find evidence of contingency planning or a history of adaptation.

5: The Best Stocks Might Not be Popular
It is true that some of the best stocks out there might be the ones everybody is talking about. However, you might be able to identify a few of the best stocks before they get popular -- the best stocks of the future. These stocks won’t appear on anybody’s list of best stocks except yours. If the stock performs well and becomes a “Best Stock” for everybody else, you’ll be rewarded in many ways.

By selecting your own best stocks based on your experiences and analysis, you'll be ahead of the crowd. By the time your stock shows up on everybody else's list of best stocks, you'll already be looking ahead for the next best stock.



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