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Refinancing is usually advantageous when the prevailing market interest rate is at least two percentage points lower than your current mortgage interest rate. 

When interest rates fall, visit with your lender about your entire financial situation, your goals, and refinancing options. You will find that even a modest reduction in your loan rate can reduce your monthly payment.

Most lenders will charge you a fee to refinance.  In fact, many of the costs and procedures will be the same as when you first obtained your mortgage.  Refinancing really means that you are taking out a new mortgage with a lower interest rate.

When choosing a lender be sure to consider the quality of service being provided by each lender and the cost of their services.   Ask questions before filling out any loan applications.   A good lender should explain the financial process clearly, help you feel comfortable, and answer you questions.  If you do not feel this with a lender, choose another.

Refinancing options are available and convenient to access right here online, in a very fast, easy, and risk free way. Go ahead and find out how much you can save by refinancing your mortgage.






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