Self Publishing

Would you like to write and publish books from the convenience of your own home and  make money while you are at it?  Or maybe you’d like to tell a family story for the next generation to enjoy?  Self publishing is a major alternative for writers with such desires.

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Self Publishing companies specialize in helping people print books, seminar materials, training manuals, informational booklets, family histories and just about any kind of written product imaginable.  Every person has the potential to write and publish beneficial, helpful books. Specialized training is not required.

Full service book producers that specialize in editing, ghostwriting, cover design, typesetting, printing, and marketing are available online to help self publishing authors get their manuscripts into the marketplace and achieve their publishing goals.  You make the decisions while professionals offer feedback and insight as they guide you through your self publishing experience.
As a self publishing author, you have control over:

  • The material you publish
  • How you want your book designed
  • Quality of your product
  • Where your book is sold
  • The retail price you will charge and profit amounts
  • Ownership of all rights to your book
  • Faster publishing of your product

Costs for self publishing services vary from one company to another. High quality, competitively priced publishing packages are available.  The pricing might also be based on the number of pages in your book, the type of binding you chose, and any other extras you may request.  Some companies require a minimum book order. Pay close attention to the financial requirements.






























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