Gas-Electric Hybrid Cars

Does the high price of gasoline have you concerned?  Maybe you would like to drive a clean, environmentally friendly car with low emissions.  The technology is now available to address these issues, and automobile manufacturers are competitively marketing their version of gas-electric hybrid vehicles to meet the growing consumer demand.

Gasoline-electric hybrid cars combine two sources of power to provide vehicle propulsion.  The gasoline engine on a hybrid is smaller, more efficient, and shuts off at times when the car runs off electricity. The electric motor is powered by batteries that recharge as you drive. These batteries reduce emissions because battery power, not gasoline, is used to accelerate. Gas-electric hybrids are also made of lightweight materials, have low resistance tires, and are aerodynamic in design all of which reduces vehicle drag and increases fuel economy.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars

  • Increased mileage per gallon of gas
  • Low emissions which means better air quality
  • One of the most fuel efficient cars available
  • Hybrid cars recharge themselves as you drive
  • Good speed on the highway
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Strong resale value
  • Federal Tax credits
  • State & Local Incentives such as permission to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, parking fee exemptions, state tax credits, reduced vehicle registration fees, exemption from motor vehicle emissions tests, exemption from motor vehicle excise tax and state sales tax.

Things To Consider
Hybrid vehicles will cost you more. Experts estimate it may take anywhere from five to twenty years to get your return on your hybrid car investment.  It all depends on gasoline prices, how much you drive, and the price you paid for your hybrid vehicle.

Due to limited availability and popular demand, you might have to order your hybrid vehicle instead of walking onto a car lot and finding one in stock.

Fuel economy will be determined by road conditions and by the way you drive.  Although you have no control over road conditions, you can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy by avoiding quick stops and starts and by not speeding. 

Gas-Electric Hybrid Vehicles Available For Purchase
Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra Hybrid
Ford Escape Hybrid SUV
Honda Accord Hybrid
Honda Civic Hybrid
Honda Insight
Lexus GS 450h 
Lexus RX 400h Hybrid SUV
Mercury Mariner
Saturn VUE Green Line
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV
Toyota Prius

Hybrid vehicle options are available to access right here online, in a fast and risk free way. If you are in the market for a new car, we suggest you explore the innovative technology of gas-electric hybrid vehicles before making your purchase.















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