Gasoline: One Dollar per Gallon

It's about time! How has your budget handled this year's record breaking high gasoline prices? We are now welcoming gasoline price reductions after experiencing the greatest gasoline price run up in the history of the United States.

There are smart ways to get the cost of gasoline from the national average of $2.89 per gallon of regular self serve unleaded close to $1 and potentially less per gallon.

1. Seriously consider driving a natural gas or other alternative fuel vehicle. We at 101 Ways To Save currently pay $1.56 per gallon of natural gas to fuel our natural gas vehicles. How much are you paying per gallon of gasoline? For more information, visit our Natural Gas Vehicles and Surplus Property links located to the left under the Transportation Menu category.

2. Purchase a gas sipper instead of a gas guzzler. has compiled an excellent review comparing the 10 most fuel-efficient cars currently sold in the U.S. These solid tips will guide you in your quest for a great gas sipping car.

3. Use Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs which are a dependable, innovative way to get around town.  Developed for short-distance travel, neighborhood electric vehicles are efficient and affordable to purchase and operate. Engineered to meet federal safety requirements for street legal low speed vehicles, a NEV can be driven on public roads with speeds of 35 mph or less.  Top speed for electric vehicles is 25 mph as mandated by federal low-speed vehicle regulations. You can run your regular local errands for pennies compared to the cost of a tank of gas.

4. Drive the regular amount of miles per month with at least two neighbors riding who pay the other two thirds of cost. You and your neighbors will each travel as many miles while paying for only one third the gasoline ($.55 or less per gallon). Example: Families or students who have a car with good gas mileage offer two other associates a ride to work or school each weekday. The riders pay five to ten dollars per week and ride without driving their gas guzzlers. The driver drives each weekday but only pays one third to one fifth the gas cost due to payments from the other riders.

5. Drive your car one third as much and transport the other two neighbors for free. In return, you ride with them the other two thirds with each of them for free. This is the old fashioned car pool where the neighbors take turns driving to points of common interest so all can get as many miles as they normally would at a cost of $.55 or less per gallon. Example: Three mothers take their children to soccer practice and swimming lessons three times per week. One mother picks up the children on Monday. The next mother takes a turn on Wednesday and the other mother takes a turn on Friday. Some mothers are so successful with this method they are taking turns with five families. With courage and organization these mothers are building neighborhood relations and they pay only one fifth as much for gasoline, a value of .36 cents per gallon for the same miles normally traveled.

6. Create a Ride Board at City Hall with the Police Department clearing drivers and riders. Drivers specify local destinations and distant cities they drive to. Riders specify where they need a ride to. Both riders and drivers contact each other by phone or email and set up the details to fill available seats.

7. Ride a bicycle. This works well for distances two to five miles. Bicycle riders pay no gas money and burn excess body fuel in return.














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