Natural Gas Vehicles

Did gas prices cause you personal hardship this past year?  With gas prices reaching record levels, Americans need to look at alternative fuel options.  It has never been easier than now to find an alternative fuel efficient natural gas powered vehicle that will save you money.

The Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition reports that natural gas fuel costs, on average, one-third less than conventional gasoline at the pump. We find the savings are often even better.  We at 101 Ways To Save currently pay $1.56 per gallon of natural gas but have paid as low as $0.69!  Consumers driving traditional fueled vehicles are paying an average of $2.89+ per gallon of regular unleaded gas– almost 2 times what it costs for one gallon of natural gas!  In tests we’ve conducted on our natural gas vehicles, gas mileage is almost identical to gasoline-powered vehicles.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Natural Gas Vehicle owners can install compact refueling stations at their own home letting them experience the convenience of refueling their tanks at home.
  • Natural Gas Vehicles need less frequent oil changes.  Oil and oil filters stay cleaner longer dramatically lengthening the time between oil changes.
  • Natural Gas Vehicle owners are often eligible to access car pool lanes.
  • Those purchasing a natural gas or hybrid vehicle can quality for a one time $2,000 to $3,000 clean-fuel vehicle federal tax deduction or other tax breaks under the new energy bill.  For more information review IRS guidelines or consult your tax advisor.
  • Natural gas vehicles are safe in the event of an accident.  The fuel storage cylinders are designed to withstand extreme collisions, fires, heat, and pressure making them much stronger than gasoline fuel tanks.  Mechanics have also said that the fuel storage cylinders add structural support to vehicles preventing the crushing and folding of them in an accident.
  • Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are environmentally conscious and among the cleanest internal-combustion vehicles. NGVs produce lower carbon dioxide emissions and emitt very low levels of carbon monoxide.  Exhaust emissions from a typical NGV are also much lower than those from gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • Natural Gas Vehicles help decrease America’s dependency on imported oil.

Most natural gas vehicles use compressed natural gas (CNG) that is stored in a tube shaped storage tank attached to the undercarriage, rear, or top.  Often the tank will be in a trunk of a car, back of a van, or pick up bed of a truck.  CNG tanks are filled in a similar manner as a gasoline tank.  Natural gas fuels combustion engines in a similar manner as gas, however natural gas vehicles require several modifications so the engine will run efficiently on natural gas.

In the past, natural gas vehicles were mainly used for fleet applications such as buses, delivery vehicles, shuttles, taxis, and government agencies that operated a large quantity of vehicles.  Today vehicles that utilize natural gas are available for consumer purchase from dealers such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and Honda. 

We suggest buying used CNG fleet vehicles.  Two of the best sources for such vehicles are from State Government Surplus agencies and from Natural Gas Companies.  Often these vehicles come with accurate, detailed maintenance logs disclosing a complete history of all repairs and services made to your future vehicle. See the Surplus Property Menu link on the left under Transportation for more information on surplus property sales.

You will have two choices of CNG vehicles – dedicated and bi-fuel.  Dedicated natural gas vehicles operate solely on CNG.  Bi-fuel vehicles can use both gasoline or natural gas, allowing for more flexibility in fuel choice.  The fuels are stored in separate tanks and you can switch between the two fuels as desired.  We prefer bifuel vehicles.  When driving in areas without a CNG fueling station, we simply drive using up all our CNG and then use gasoline until we are able to refuel with CNG.  Or if there is a problem with the CNG system, we can usually operate in gas mode until any needed repair or adjustment is made.

What could you do with the money you will save by driving a natural gas vehicle? Natural gas vehicle options are available to access right here online, in a fast and risk free way. Go ahead and find out just how cost effective and wise natural gas vehicles can be.











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