Surplus Property Vehicles

Every month new, seized, and surplus merchandise is available for purchase from the government by fixed price retail sales, online auctions, public auctions, and sealed bids.  Because of the constant influx of property, the merchandise is sold quick and cheap.

Thousands of quality surplus vehicles are sold monthly.  Surplus automobile sales and auctions are conducted at various locations throughout the United States.  Often prospective buyers are able to carefully examine surplus cars and trucks to determine the nature and extent of any and all defects.  Many surplus vehicles come with accurate, detailed maintenance logs disclosing a complete history of all repairs and services that have been made to the automobiles. 

Government surplus agencies are a great source for buying used vehicles, particularly natural gas fueled automobiles that can save you a substantial amount of money, especially with the current gasoline price increases.   See the Natural Gas Menu link on the left for more information on natural gas vehicles.

Some surplus property divisions will search on your behalf for specific property you would like to obtain if you call or e-mail your request to them.  Besides vehicles, some of the items you might find available for purchase from surplus property are beds, boats, clothing, construction materials, fire fighting equipment, food service equipment, generators, heavy equipment, office equipment and furniture, medical equipment, paints and solvents, tools, and more.

One of the most popular surplus items for sale currently are natural gas powered vehicles. With gas prices reaching outrageous highs, used natural gas vehicles are very desireable. We at 101 Ways To Save own and drive used surplus natural gas cars and currently pay .79¢ per gallon of natural gas.  Consumers driving traditional fueled vehicles are paying an average of $1.66 per gallon of regular unleaded gas– almost 2.1 times what it costs for one gallon of natural gas!  In tests we’ve conducted on our natural gas vehicles, gas mileage is almost identical to gasoline-powered vehicles as well.

What could you do with the money you will save by purchasing surplus property?  Surplus property options are available to access right here online.  Why buy new when quality used things will do! 

























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